Q. Does University Guidance receive financial incentives from universities?

A. No, University Guidance is an independent organisation that does not receive financial or other incentives from universities. Therefore the advice and guidance provided is completely impartial and best suited to the needs of each individual student.

Q. Does University Guidance guarantee university places?

A. No, University Guidance cannot guarantee a student will receive offers of admission as the decisions are made solely by the universities. However, applications are prepared meticulously over many months to ensure they present the student in the best possible and most persuasive light.

Q. Are applications to postgraduate programmes supported?

A. Yes, University Guidance provides the same level of advice, guidance and research for current university students and graduates seeking a place on a master’s or research degree as it does for students applying to undergraduate programmes.

Q. Does University Guidance assist adults who wish to further their education?

A. Yes, adults who wish to return to education, either through full or part time modes of study, including distance learning, can receive support from University Guidance.

Q. Does University Guidance write the application essays?

A. No, all applications must be written by the student. University Guidance provides extensive support regarding the composition and balance of application essays, particularly advising on the required content and style of presentation. Unlimited drafts can be submitted for comment and correction, particularly concerning spelling, punctuation and grammar, until a final version is completed.

Q. Are applications to universities in countries other than the UK supported?

A. Yes, absolutely! University Guidance has supported students with applications to universities located in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and the United States.

Q. How does University Guidance deliver its service to students?

A. Students are supported through a combination of face-to-face meetings, Skype conversations and extensive email contact.

Q. Shouldn’t schools be providing this service?

A. Many schools and colleges provide an excellent advice and guidance service to their students, but some individuals benefit significantly from engaging an external adviser who can provide knowledge and a fresh perspective gained from over 25 years of extensive education experience. In addition, some schools and colleges provide excellent guidance to students applying to the UK, for example, but do not have the experience and knowledge when it comes to submitting applications to other countries.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. There are four packages available – Statement, Statement+, Enhanced, Full – and each attracts a different fee. The Statement package starts from £600 (GBP), Statement+ from £850, Enhanced from £1,000, and Full starts from £1,500. The fee is payable in 3 instalments – 50% on signing the contract, and then two further instalments of 30% and 20% on dates agreed by both parties.

Q. Can we try out the service for free?

A. The initial one-hour meeting with University Guidance is complimentary; subsequently all support is covered by the fixed-rate fee.

Q. Is the initial meeting face-to-face?

A. University Guidance is based in south-east England, and the initial meeting will be face-to-face if practical; otherwise it will take place via Skype.

Q. When it the best time to begin the process?

A. Students intending to commence university in September 2017 will gain the optimal advantage if they sign-up with University Guidance before the end of August 2016.