Whether a student is applying for an undergraduate or graduate programme, University Guidance provides a comprehensive and bespoke support service that ensures that students will have the best possible chance to secure the university place that is the ‘best fit’ and right for them. Support is provided through a combination of face-to-face meetings, Skype conversations and extensive email contact.

Choosing universities and degree programmes can be an overwhelming experience. With so many factors to consider – compulsory course elements, option choices, availability of additional courses, the quality and reputation of the academic department and institution, the study and social facilities available, and the location – there is a danger of information overload. Support is provided at every step during this research and shortlisting process, focusing on the destination country or countries, the universities and their locations, the academic programmes available and the suitability for an individual student’s needs.

Preparation of high quality, focused applications is extremely important, especially when some universities are being targeted by over 30 applicants for each available place. Support is provided throughout, including understanding the application process, the individual requirements of each application system and each university, and any additional requirements that may be placed upon an applicant.

The key to submitting successful applications is the quality of the writing. Each application will require at least one essay, and this is the opportunity for a student to excel. In the UK, an undergraduate application requires a personal statement, and this is also the case for many mainland European universities. In the US, freshman (first year) applicants will be expected to submit one general essay, and then in most cases at least one further piece of writing for each separate university. Graduate applications will require at least one essay, if not two. The style of approach and writing varies from country to country, and support is provided throughout the writing process, with comments and suggestions provided on unlimited drafts of essays and statements.

Many applications also require extensive support documentation and guidance is provided to students that ensures transcripts and letters of recommendation, in particular, are prepared and submitted in a timely manner. Guidance is provided to referees to assist them with the content of their recommendations.

Additional tests may also form part of the application process. For US bachelor programmes, applicants are normally required to sit either the ACT or SAT, and for UK undergraduate programmes some universities insist on applicants taking a subject-specific test as part of the process, particularly for medical-related programmes. Graduate applicants may be required to take either the GMAT or GRE test, dependent upon the programme. Support is provided to ensure that students are fully prepared for these tests, advised when is the best time to take them, and how to report the results.

Some universities will invite applicants for interview and extensive interview preparation support is provided to enable applicants to attend an interview with confidence. This includes consideration of the likely questions, alongside general interview techniques including posture, speech and strategies designed to overcome nerves.

Once university decisions are received, on-going support is provided to enable students to understand any conditions of acceptance required of them, to assist with communications to/from universities, and to advise on related matters such as accommodation, financial documentation and support, and the latter stages of the process through to final confirmation and, ultimately, enrolment.

If students are interested in taking a gap year, then support in the research and planning of activities, and any applications required, is available. Likewise, if students are considering studying a summer school programme, research and application advice is also provided for these activities.

The four packages that are available are detailed below.

Statement Statement + Enhanced Full
Fees (quoted in GBP) start from: £600 £850 £1000 £1500
– research and support
– research and support
– review of selection
– research and application support
PERSONAL STATEMENT – single application
– review and comment on unlimited drafts
PERSONAL STATEMENT – multiple applications
– review and comment on unlimited drafts
– review and comment on unlimited applications
– guidance and support for application tests, eg BMAT, SAT
– support for CV preparation, covering letters, etc.
– support for all interviews including mock sessions
– available for up to a max. of 2 years, until enrolment

An individual fee quotation will be provided to each student, which will depend upon the level of support required and the number of applications to be prepared and submitted. The agreed fee is payable in 3 instalments – 50% on signing the contract, and then two further instalments of 30% and 20% on dates agreed by both parties.

For further information, or to express an interest in signing-up for University Guidance services, please complete the Contact form.